Freedom of Motion Alpha 1

by Taylor Hadden | 16:30

FoM Alpha 1 SmallIt has been a while since my previous post, but in the silence I’ve been working. Freedom of Motion has now broken into the earliest stages of Alpha and I have something to properly show off.

The current movement features include running, jumping, rolling, sprinting, sliding, climbing up ledges, wall jumps, and wall running. Additionally, the world is built using a custom voxel terrain engine, and you are able to freely edit the included testing world or build your own. Full details are provided in the readme.

Of course, this is still the earliest of Alphas, so there aren’t any objectives, and you should fully expect things to break or simply not work without warning. That said, this forms a solid jumping-off point for further development of the game, and I’m excited about its potential.

Without any further ado, here are download links to Freedom of Motion Alpha 1:

Thanks for reading, and please leave any and all feedback below!

  • skati skate

    Wow this is supercool!

    • Taylor

      Thanks! I’m glad you liked it!