Freedom of Motion Alpha 5

by Taylor Hadden | 0:26

An Editing Tools Update

Over the past month, we have reworked the entire editing framework for Freedom of Motion.

The meat of these changes aren’t all that particularly interesting, but the code base for the editing tools is now more robust. Some critical features are now supported, and new features will be straightforward to implement.

An incomplete changelist:

  • Editing mode defaults to a third-person camera which can pan, orbit, retarget, and zoom.
  • Blocks are defined by the new Block Set Editor
  • You can select what blocks you have available in your block bar with the block library
    • Clicking a block add it to the end of your bar
    • Hovering over it and pressing a number key will place the block in that number’s slot
  • You now place entities by selecting them from the entity library and clicking where they should be spawned.
  • The Cube Brush was given a border that appears through walls
  • Added the Paint Brush: Paint a material on a surface with left click, select a material with right click
  • Added the Free Brush:
    • Right click and drag to create a selection volume.
    • Left click and drag on the volume to move it.
    • Fill the volume with a material by clicking on the material or pressing the corresponding number key.
    • Scroll the mouse wheel over a face of the volume to push and pull the opposite face, resizing the volume.
    • Hold Shift to make Left and Right mouse actions act along the normal of the selected face.
    • Hold Shift to make the mouse wheel actions on the volume affect the face the cursor is over instead of the opposite face.
  • All editing keybindings can be rebound in the options menu
  • Removed all previously hard-coded keys, with the exception of Escape
  • Added the ability to rename a World
  • Entity editor now appears in world space
  • Added a minor noise texture as a detail map to the terrain

The downloadable release has the same levels as Alpha 5, and gameplay will be the same.

Future Plans

For the next release, we will shift our attention back to the game itself. The two points of focus will be on lighting and on enhancing the sense of exploration in the game. Once again, you can follow our progress on Trello.

  • Zak McKracken

    Good stuff! Imagine this would be a great fit for a Thief-style game.