Freedom of Motion Alpha 2

by Taylor Hadden | 1:19

The primary feature of this release is multiplayer support. You can start up a server running a world on your local machine and others can join you in building and running around in an infinite world. Unfortunately, this build doesn’t support worlds from Alpha 1, but any worlds created in Alpha 2 will be supported in all future updates.

An incomplete change list:

  • User-defined settings for control preferences and input
  • Spawn points
  • Light nodes
  • Text nodes
  • Infinite worlds
  • Multiplayer support
  • Ability to change player color and name
  • Faster chunk mesh generation
  • Improved accuracy for detecting ledges
  • Improved handling of sliding
  • Smoother transitions out of jump landings
  • Balanced wall running distances and height

Once again, this is very early software. All models, textures, sounds, animations, UI, and many implementations are placeholder. While I’ve endeavored to make it as stable as possible, things may break with no warning and data may suddenly become corrupt. It shouldn’t melt your computer, but use at your own risk.

Download Links

Freedom of Motion Alpha 2 — Windows

Freedom of Motion Alpha 2 — Mac

(Note that Safari has issues with Mega. Here’s an alternative Mac link)

Future Plans

Sharing a disturbing amount of details about a project’s development seems to be in vogue these days, and I want to run an experiment. I’m going to open up the Trello boards I’m using to manage development to the public so you can see exactly what I’m planning to finish for the next release and how those features are progressing.

For Alpha 3, I am focussing on exploiting the wealth of voxel data in order to inform the movement systems. This should let me fully develop the climbing system to include hanging on and moving along ledges and climbing from one ledge to another. Additionally, the system should eventually allow me to fix the issues the current system has with stairs, doorways, and small gaps.

  • Andrew Ayre

    Looks awesome!

    • Taylor

      Thank you! I’m glad you like it.